A blissful nail care day is the perfect self-love gift to any modern independent woman to relax after a long busy week hustling with work and personal life.

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But to Evolin Patanmacia dismay, there was no enjoyable nail care studio that can offer a good nail care treatment to cater to her needs when she returned to Pekanbaru from Australia. She saw the void and decided to open her own Nail Studio called KUKUKU in 2011. In Indonesian, KUKUKU literally means "my nails".

Established in 2011 as KUKUKU, now our nail studio has strengthen the business by evolving into KUKUKU KUKUMU. KUKUMU literally means "your nails". It is an additional segment to our service dedicated to male customers who can have a nice hot stone massage as they wait for their wives or girlfriends to get their nails done. We merged both KUKUKU and KUKUMU as a flagship branch and name the upcoming branches as KUKUKU KUKUMU throughout Indonesia.


KUKUKU KUKUMU is a nail studio with a comfortable and modern concept, created to deliver a world-class nail care service with highly curated products. We also curate selections of Halal nail polish for Muslim woman who wishes to have their nails pop in a wide range of colors.

In addition to the modern concept, KUKUKU KUKUMU is committed to deliver outstanding nail care and nail art services by continuously updating the manicurists’ and nail artists’ knowledge and skill.

KUKUKU KUKUMU consistently inviting nail care experts from all over the world to stay updated with the current trends from the Nail Care Industry. KUKUKU KUKUMU always warmly welcomes you!


Providing the best experience for your nails, both men and women. Using the most exquisite product. Continuously learning new techniques and skills to serve you with our finest.


We offer the best experience with professional nail therapists, hygiene tools, and a friendly atmosphere as well as incomparable excellent service.

We share a wide range of deep knowledge on how to take care of and decorate nails with the help of our experienced and professional nail experts from around the world.

We provide the best nail care equipment and supplies. Bring over new and exciting products in the nail field, both for professionals and for individuals, to make sure our customers are always up-to-date with the newest trends.

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